How Does The Result of Mangrove REpLaNT?

Jepara - KeSEMaTBLOG. This photo has shown the result of MR. It was done successfully. Both of it taken by KeSEMaT in the same location and position but differ in year. The left was taken in 2003, after participant re-planted seeds. Meanwhile, the right was taken in 2005.

First photo shows the condition of coastal area of Bay Awur, which was barren (in 2003) then become thick (in 2005). There are MR’s name-plate in front of it. Under nameplate, there are Avicennia sp and Aegiceras sp.

This picture has proven that in two years, mangrove was growing up (its survival rate up to 90%) and reaching up to 2 meters in height. Unfortunately, the name-plate was stolen by someone. Meanwhile, Avicennia sp and Aegiceras sp also growing up and become thicker.

This success story because of hard effort showed by KeSEMaters who always keeping their mangrove seeds. They have weekly program called KeSEMaT Goes To Arboretum (KGTA).