Holiday in Mangrove Forest

Semarang - KeSEMaTBLOG. Hi Guys. Right now, students in Indonesia have their holiday. Yes, its holiday! For about a month they will take a rest from their school activities. To fill their holiday, the interesting thing to do is going to go to vacationland. They will go to the place like zoo, beach and mall. But some of them who have bored with it maybe will go to the forest. But it is not common forest, its called mangrove forest. If some of you who haven’t know about it let me tell you that this forest is around shore lines with swamps and full of weird of trees and animals.

The trees have a weird roots and leafes whether the animals have unique morphology and colourfully. It rights choice for visit because mangrove has many plants and animals which have interesting in morphology so it can enjoy visually. You can do adventure on mangrove swamps and see how its beauty.

Mangrove ecosystem has many specieses of plants and animals. Mangrove plant has unique morphology for salt adaptation. It has weird morphology of fruit, flower, leafe, steam and root. It is weird but it will made you to coming there and visit. Rhizophora spp has root like scrawl and its fruit like bean. The other one is Avicennia spp, which has root like pencil and rounded fruit. It has used as food.

The animals, which live in mangrove, are mudskippers, which can blink, colorful crabs called Uca and mud snails, which has unique shell. Beside that, mangrove forest also has other animals such as bivalve, bird, butterfly, and monkey etcetera.

After visit it, I’m sure that you will have mangrove conservation spirit. You must to know that mangrove forest is not the place to store your trash in! You must realize that mangroves are important for human life. Mangrove tree can be used for food, medicine, textile, firewood, construction, abrasion prevention and other important functions.
Meanwhile, mangrove animals like Scylla serrata and Episesarma spp are mangrove crabs, which have highest economical value for human need. For that reasons we need to keep and conserve it.

There are two places in Indonesia that give mangrove trip, which are Management Area of Segara Anakan (BPKSA) in Cilacap Central Java and Mangrove Information Center (MIC) in Suwung Kauh Denpasar Bali. If you visit it you will accompanied by guides who will give you mangrove trip to see species of mangrove trees and animals via mangrove trail. Mangrove trail is the way, which made from wood placed surround mangrove forest. It has built making easier for visitor when they want to see the beauty of mangrove. You can visit mangrove forest on your region.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to the mangrove forest. It’s fun. It will fill your holiday and enrich your mangrove conservation spirit. Let’s save our mangrove!